Appalam Manufacturers in Tamilnadu

Siva Exports – Appalam Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, Madurai, India.

Siva Exports is one of the Best Appalam Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, Madurai, India.

A dish that defines the Indian palette, we present a variety of appalam papad, crisp papad, masala papad papadum that makes perfect addition to any vegetarian meal. These crisp Appalam are hygienically prepared in urad dhal.

Backed by efficient logistics team, we make deliveries of the goods in the set time span. Thus, we stringently check the inputs before procurement.

Appalam (papad) is an essential food item in any south indian vegetarian meal. They are “ready to cook” and they are deep fried in edible oil. Our Appalam is make in traditional method with good quality ingredients.

Since Our factory is located at Madurai, Tamilnadu (India) and has gained immense acknowledgement and a respected place in the market. Buy the best quality appalams at rock-bottom prices from us.

Also We have installed Our storage facility with all necessary amenities essential for the secure storage of the products. Also, we maintain complete hygiene inside the unit. Capable of catering to the varied demands of the customers, we are named amidst the respected Suppliers of Plain Appalam. Features: Exotic flavor Premium taste Soft yet crispy.



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Our company is a premium Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Indian Appalam from Tamil Nadu, India. We offered the Indian Appalam which our customers have demand owing to its crispiness and mouth-watering flavor. Customers from India, Malaysia, and Singapore etc. prefer our product because of its delicious nature and high quality. We are capable of timely addressing bulk requirements of Indian Appalam by our clients in various countries.


List of Appalam Manufacturers in Tamilnadu:

Where do we find the list of best appalam manufacturers in tamilnadu?

Siva Exports is the only place in Tamilnadu who manufactures Appalam by traditional method in India.

In the first place – Siva Exports Best Appalam Manufacturers in India.

In the Second place – Orange Appalam Best Papad Manufacturers in India.


Features of our product:

since High quality

Also very crispy

Moreover very taste